Mikvah Committee

Leon Levy, Honorary Chair

Rabbi Menachem & Chava Schmidt

Chana Colin, Project Manager

Ari Miller, Treasurer

Jonathan Kaye, Website Administrator

Dr. Yah-el Har-el

Joshua Runyan

Rabbi Eliezer Hirsch

Rabbi Albert Gabbai

Lester & Lisa Lipschutz

Rabbi Yochonon & Leah Goldman

Rabbi Hirshi & Shevy Sputz

Rabbi Zev & Chani Baram

Rabbi Gedaliah & Shevy Lowenstein

Rabbi Baruch Shalom & Chani Kantor

Rabbi Doniel & Reuvena Grodnitzky

Rabbi Levi & Nechama Haskelevich

Rabbi Chaim & Moussia Goldstein

Rabbi Zalman & Emunah Wircberg

David & Miriam Morley

Noah & Melia Gross

Holly & Leib Meadvin

Aryeh & Leigh Ioffe

Arkadiy Landa

Adam Brenner

Asya Zlatina

Alex Colin

Manny Hova

Rebecca & Michael Cohen

Lottie & Laser Borowsky

Charles & Brenna Schnur

Shmuel & Brittany Mahgerefteh

Marianna Salz

Beth Levin

Zev Guttman

We currently have several volunteers and community/synagogue liaisons who help in various capacities, but we are always on the lookout for those who wish to participate. Please also check out our Facebook page here. For more information, or if you are interested in joining the committee, please email us.