Construction on the Center City Community Mikvah has finally begun! To subscribe to our email list for building updates, please contact us at:

The Jewish community of Center City, Philadelphia is growing rapidly with synagogues, educational facilities, kosher establishments, and events available throughout the city. With all that the city has to offer young professionals, families, and prospective residents, this growing community lacks an integral piece of Jewish family life: a mikvah. Our mikvah will be housed at Historic Vilna Congregation and open to all members of the local Jewish community. We welcome you to join us in this exciting endeavor to establish mikvah in Center City.

Here are the community organizations leading the effort to build our mikvah. If your organization would like to participate, please contact us.

If one finds a community which has no mikvah, they must be forced to build a mikvah….this must precede building a shul, buying a sefer torah and all (other) mitzvos.

Chofetz Chaim

Most Jews see the synagogue as the central institution in Jewish life, but Jewish Law states that constructing a mikvah takes precedence even over building a house of worship. Both a synagogue and a Torah Scroll, Judaism’s most venerated treasure, may be sold to raise funds for the building of a mikvah. In fact, in the eyes of Jewish Law, a group of Jewish families living together do not attain the status of a community if they do not have a communal mikvah.

Rivkah Slonim